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BIG NEWS: An Exclusive Social Media Content Planner!

Organisation might be the hardest step to master when managing your own social media. Figuring out the best time to post across all your platforms, how often you should post, and, of course, what you should post.

As a digital marketing agency which has worked with 100s of businesses, we’re no strangers to this challenge. Fortunately, we have an all-new social media content planner to share with you today. Want to learn more? Here are our answers to all of the questions you might have.

All The Details

What Is It?

A printed social media content planner, exclusively designed by yours truly: social media specialist and award-winning marketer, Kizzie Nicholson, as well as lead agency creative, Mike Stone.

Why Do I Need It?

Whilst there are a handful of social media content planners available to purchase on the market, there wasn’t one designed to suit the exact needs of businesses. Our planner takes into account that sometimes a week, or a month can be missed - so if the planner is for a specific year, these pages would be wasted. In other words, if you purchased a planner in November 2022 - you could still use it in July 2033!

It is designed to give structure to weekly, monthly and annual planning for all of your social media. Across 84 pages, and 24 unique planning templates, our planner includes:

All The Basics:

  • Social Media Log-ins: Keep this information handy (& safe!)

  • Monthly Goals: This helps your focus each month as you identify your targets for brand growth, as well as goals for further development

  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Content Planner: Easily map out content for the week - or for a year-long campaign

  • Stats & Traffic: Understand the performance of your content, as well as the growth of your channels.

  • Platform-Specific Content Planners: Brainstorm for your next post on TikTok, or how about Linkedin? Write down your ideas, to-do list, equipment requirements, budget and more.

  • To Do List: Focus & mark-off every task.

  • Ideas: Get those ideas from pen to paper.

Extra Content to Help Your Social Media Channels Flourish!

  • Social Media Calender: Take inspiration all of the key social media dates which trend in the year.

  • Best Times To Post: Save time wondering when your content will reach the biggest audience.

  • Giveaway Tracker: Followers love a giveaway - plan some.

  • Hashtag/Keywords: Plan and track the hashtags you’re using.

  • And more!

Are There Different Versions Available?

Absolutely! We appreciate the freedom of choice as much as the next person, so we are offering the following customisation:

  • Pick your cover colour! We have blue, green and white available

  • Need lots of space to fit all your ideas? The A4 planner would be perfect. Need something a little more portable? Check out our A5 version!

The A4 planner is on sale for just £20, and our A5 version is only £15. If you are ordering through our website, there’ll also be 2.49 P&P. Which leads us to the next question…

Where Can I Buy It?

Our planner is available to purchase only through Social Fireworks via our dedicated page (click the button below!)

Or how about buying in-person at The Business Show 2022? You can find us at stand B1612 from 10-5pm on the 16th and 17th November. Don't worry, we accept cash and card!

Make sure to get your free tickets to The Business Show here:

More questions still?! Make sure to have a look at our other blog: Who Could Benefit From Using A Social Media Content Planner?


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