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The 3 Best Things About Social Media And Technology

Are we doomed?

As social media and technology is evolving and becoming an even bigger part of our daily lives, we are constantly hearing the negative aspects it has brought to humanity - how the world is ‘doomed’ because of its development - especially when it comes to AI.

Obviously, with any good comes bad, and vice versa.

Working in the social media industry for over half a year now, I have really got to appreciate the good that it provides!

So, I thought I would write some positive aspects so we can think in a positive way:

1. COVID-19

We were all thinking it.

Depending on the generation you grew up in, it is clear that everyone has their preferences and beliefs about the online Universe.

As my Grandad would say “Social media has ruined the world,” but he is now a big fan of a Zoom call, as he used it so much to keep in contact with his family!

Yes - technology helped with keeping in contact with friends and family while we were in the endless loops of quarantine and lockdown (thank goodness that's over!) However, it helped in so many other ways as well.

Children and pupils would not have gotten through school without it. If technology was non-existent in the pandemic, the world would have been much more hectic and to put it bluntly - less intelligent. COVID-19 lasted for two whole years, and trying to educate an entire world without a laptop or wifi would have been impossible - children would have missed out on 2 years of education, and it would take ages to catch up.

2. Hybrid/Remote Working

Today’s world is completely different to 100 years ago… even 10 years ago! Nowadays, everyone is encouraged to have a successful career, a good education, etc. The hybrid and remote working that technology and social media has enabled us to have is fantastic - and for a couple of reasons:


In a family, parents may strive for a career, and it is very difficult to balance a job, children, pets, school runs, housework… (the list goes on!) The fact that many jobs offer remote and hybrid work - whether it’s 4 days in the office a week or one, this allows families and house owners to look after the children and responsibilities without the weight of time (or lack of it) on their shoulders.

Cost Of Living

As well as this, we are all aware that we are living in a cost of living crisis. Prices of everything have gone up - especially travel. Whether you are driving to work and using up hundreds of pounds of petrol, or catching the extraordinarily expensive train into London - travel is not cheap. By having days at home, this can majorly help when it comes to expenditure and finances.

3. Sharing good news!

A simple but great reason as to how social media and technology has improved lives. This point could be perceived in numerous ways. Firstly is simply the fact that when you see a heartwarming news story, or a funny cat video - you can simply click share and put a smile on your friends and followers' faces! As we are seeing so many negative headlines around the world - the power of sharing is u underestimate, and can be used for good!

The other way is that you can share good news or updates with family and friends from all over the world. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow you to connect with absolutely anyone from absolutely anywhere. Social Media has become a great thing with those who have family abroad, if you are travelling, or simply on holiday!

So there we go. Social media and technology isn’t all that bad! It is always to embrace the positive side of things, especially in the world we live in.

I hope this blog post helped you out, and if you are looking for another great read, click the link to our previous blog:

I’m Jess and it’s been a pleasure having you read my blog this month.


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