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Avoid These Facebook Mistakes

Hi, I'm Jess.

I have been working at Social Fireworks for 6 months.

I wanted to share what I have learned so far about Facebook, what mistakes are commonly made, and how you can fix them!

You may be new to social media - or you may have a lot of experience in it, but a question you may be asking yourself is, ‘ Why am I not getting many followers?’ or, ‘Why is social media not helping my business get attention?’ Well, don’t worry, I am here to help.

Below are 4 mistakes that you may be making when it comes to Facebook.

  1. You’re not using the correct elements in your copy.

You may be thinking, “ +I add hashtags” or “I write with a friendly tone.” That is not enough. When it comes to Facebook copy, you need particular elements for different platforms.

  • Emojis - I would recommend three per post.

  • Hashtags - Make your keywords hashtags - three or four per post is good.

  • Feeling - This is only an element on Facebook, you can pick from many, such as happy, excited, grateful, etc.

  • Tags - Whether you're referring to your account or other business’ accounts, make sure to tag them with the @ symbol in your copy.

  • A friendly tone - This is social media, not a newspaper or advertisement. You want to be portrayed as friendly and approachable to your followers and potential customers.

  • Location - This is very important and will be touched upon more next.

Below is a picture of what the perfect copy would look like.

2. You are not including the location.

Using a location is a very important factor. By adding your location, you can help you reach potential customers who are closeby to your business.

It also allows you to follow and support local businesses. By entering your location you can see who and what is around you!

You can find out more about the benefits of location here:

3. You do not engage with your followers

This is probably the most common mistake made online. As a business, you are trying to highlight what your brand is all about; values, beliefs, mottos, etc.

A core value for any business to have is the importance of clients and customers. When you get followers who comment on your posts, message you, mention you in posts and stories, if you are not engaging back, your brand is showing a lack of compassion for their followers.

Trust is also a big factor when it comes to any customer/business relationship. If you are engaging with your followers, this will help massively.

4. You’re missing important dates and National Holidays

When creating content for Facebook, national holidays and important dates are commonly overlooked, which is a shame, as they are so helpful to get your business seen!

Each month there are national days almost every single day. From famous holidays like ‘Valentines Day’, to random ones, such as ‘National Sausage Roll Day’ - whatever your company is, you can find days that apply to your business.

As social media is all about trends, and keeping up with what others are doing, the use of National Days are very important. People and businesses are always posting on national dates and use hashtags surrounding it. Sometimes, the days will be trending, and it is great to get involved and put your company's social media out there.

I hope you have learnt something today - and you may have realised that these were one of the mistakes you're making!

If you’d like to speak to me about mistakes you might be making, I’m happy to help! Send an email to me -


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