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Is Instagram Threads The New Twitter?

Instagram Threads. Twitter’s so-called rival, and the newest social media platform phenomenon.

Gaining over 100 million users in under a week, Threads has introduced a new way of social media… or has it?

Some argue that Twitter and Threads are EXACTLY the same (which is fuelling the feud between Elon Musk and Zuckerberg.)

But what are the differences - if any? Well, I have done the research so you don’t have to!

1. Price and Adverts

A major difference is that Threads is completely free to use, whereas Twitter recently introduced the new subscription ‘Twitter Blue’ costing £6/month. Yes - it may be a choice to subscribe on Twitter, but it’s nice that Threads has nothing to pay for.

In addition to this, Threads (currently) has no Ads - but knowing Meta this won’t last long…

2. The Organic Posts

So, the main basis is exactly the same - a conversation-based platform where you can type out a short message, add an image, post, and reply. The main difference when it comes to this is the wording limit. Twitter is 280, with Threads being 500.

The multimedia aspect is also slightly different, on Twitter, you can only add up to 4 images. In comparison, Threads lets you include up to 10, corresponding with the Instagram carousel-type posts.

3. Your News Feed

Probably being the main difference, Twitter organises your feed by having a ‘For You’ section, curating posts that you may like based on your interests and recent searches, and also has a ‘Following’ section, where you can see Tweets from those you follow.

Threads don’t have this. You have a single feed with a mixture of trending posts and those you follow. Threads, for now, don’t seem to be too personalised!

Although these are very slight differences, all in all, Twitter and Threads are pretty much the same. Whether you work in social media or have it for personal use, it’s clear that the rivals between platforms are meaning that every social media platform is starting to merge into the same thing - although starting out completely different.

Threads is definitely a new and exciting edition to Meta though… I will definitely be trying it out, will you?

I’m Jess and it’s been a pleasure having you read my blog this month.


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