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Your 12 Month Marketing Plan, Personalised Social Media Plan & Consultancy Session Package
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You must have a marketing plan for your business!

Before we post on social media for you, it is essential to have a marketing plan. If you do not have one, together we'll sit down and have a day marketing planning session. From this, we will be able to write your social media plan and strategy. The marketing plan ensures:

You are targeting the right services/ products to the right audience

We understand your target audience; their wants, desires, demographics, socialgraphics and motivations. 
The current market appetite for your product/ service and where this needs to be advertised
We understand the current marketing channels are being used (print, social media, email) 


What You Get:


  • 1. An 6 Page A4 Social Media Audit of your current social media presence reviewing the current and incorrect setup, with marketing recommendations (6 pages).

  • 2. A 60minute Zoom Consultation with a Chartered Marketing Consultant with 10 years experience in the social media marketing field to discuss your marketing.

  • 3. A 2hr Marketing Planning Session to go through a marketing plan. We'll go through the 12-page document together in a fun, interactive way. You'll come away with knowledge about your audience, the market and the appropriate marketing channels for what business.

  • 4. A 30-day Tailored Social Media Content Plan to meet the aims, goals and objectives of the business. 

  • 5. 2 x 30min Follow-Up Calls over a 8 week period once your social media activity has started, to support you and keep you accountable to your goals 


By getting this package you can be safe in the knowledge you're marketing is going in the right direction for your business goals, adheres to social media algorithms and has been tailored to your business, your industry and where your business wants to go. 

Then, we're ready to post on social media...

The package is delivered over a period of 6-8 weeks, subject to your availability for the sessions. The total cost of the package is £2,500 + VAT. 


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