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Have You Tried TikTok?

Taking the world by storm, TikTok is the latest social media channel to see significant growth in the past 18 months,

Since its launch in 2016, boosted by lockdowns and its fun-loving, community building approach, TikTok poses many opportunities for businesses, brands and those looking to grow a following.

For the team here at Social Fireworks, we've taken to see what we could achieve. For one of our client's, we have achieved over 200k followers in 6 months. Our director, Kizzie Nicholson, at 11k followers on her personal account has set the bar high when it comes to getting TikTok videos views and followers.

We came across a factual article from Cataylst on How To Make TikTok worth your time. The full article is here and in the meantime, we've copied the main points below for you to enjoy:

  1. Find Your Niche Audience Niche content gets particular attention from users of the platform, according to Alison Haljun, president and co-founder of beauty start-up Kinship. The brand launched in November 2019 and Haljun’s team tried TikTok for the first time in March 2020, with a post on its page that showed a young woman wrapping her hair around a tube of Kinship’s Pimple Potion cream. “We really wanted to just be unexpected, and kind of have that surprise and delight aspect to Kinship, to create that curiosity,” Haljun explains.

  2. Its Reel, Baby It’s a formula Instagram is following with Instagram Reels, its effort to compete with TikTok that launched in August 2020. It hasn’t yet introduced paid-for ad placements, but if brands want to post from their own accounts or create content with influencers, Nurminen at Born Social recommends thinking about a user’s mindset. “A one size fits all approach really doesn’t work on social in general, because users can spot it from miles away,” she says. “If you’re going on TikTok you are looking for something unexpected, you want to be amused…Whereas [on] Instagram, you might be looking at a slightly polished feed…You basically curate the feed on Instagram, whereas on TikTok it’s very much curated by the algorithm.”

You can download TikTok via your phone's app store. Have a go and see how you experience it as a user first, before you get creating. Thats my advice.


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