Want a printed planner to help with your social media posts? Buy yours today; easy!  

This exclusive, one-of-a-kind social media planner has been designed so you can plan what you are going to write on social media daily, weekly and monthly. 


Do you find yourself;


  • Frustrated buying a 12-month diary and never really using it, therefore, it gets wasted?

  • Fed-up of having to print a weekly content calendar and forgetting to use it? 

  • Wishing a planner was designed for the requirements of social media?

  • Wanted to get organised with your social media posts daily, weekly AND monthly?


This planner has been designed to fulfil ALL of those needs;


  • 12 x month oversheets

  • 52 x week planner sheets

  • Area for brainstorm notes

  • Template for hashtags

  • List for other marketing activities

  • 120gsm sheets

  • Green cover

The best part?


Our social media pad is left blank for you to personalise to the month and week you are using it. If you start in March 2019 and want to stop for 1, 2 even 3 months, you do not waste the pad! You can start again in June. Just write the month at the top of the sheet and the dates in yourself. We want you to save your pad and personalise it to your way of working. 


An even BETTER FACT...


The sheets are designed for you to tear out! A high-quality 120gsm grade means you can tear out the sheets, stick them on your wall for the planner, pop them in front of your desk while working and 


As with everything, one size rarely fits all so this social media planner has been designed to answer all the needs of those who use social media and want to stop wasting diaries!

"This is spot on! Everything I needed! Thank you!"
Just £19.99 + P&P

Purchase your 12-month, 60 page planner now. It will be delivered to your address via recorded delivery. 



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