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Local Businesses Benefit From Instagram Workshop

On Monday 15th January, Social Fireworks hosted a workshop, 'How To Use Instagram For Business Success' for businesses in Tunbridge Wells.

The 1/2 day event was designed for businesses owners to gain a solid understanding of the social media channel, how to use it, how to market their business using images, words and hashtags and some important do's and don'ts.

Led by social media specialist and consultant, Kizzie Nicholson, who is personally active on the platform, attendees got insights on how to market themselves on Instagram, find and start conversations with Influencers and find business opportunities.

'80% of Instagram Users Follow A Business - Time To Get Your Business on There'

The workshop had a combination of brainstorming, case studies and real live posting onto Instagram, giving all attendees the chance to put their learning into action.

'Everyone attending was apprehensive about posting on Instagram at the start of the workshop... by the end of the day, they were full of confidence, enthusiasm and energy to get posting!'

When it comes to social media, Kizzie Nicholson has been working in the industry since 2009 and has worked across many brands social media from Maxfactor, Alfa Romeo, Velvet. "I find it isn't about the brand anymore, it is about the customer. I show all my workshop attendees how to speak to potential and existing customers on social media, regardless of industry, in a quick-professional, fun and engaging manner."

Instagram users are growing, now there are over 16 million UK users on it

(Jan 2018, eMarketer Study)

As well as offering professional guidance, social media specialist Kizzie Nicholson was able to offer insight into influencer marketing; "I documented my 5 stone weight-loss on Instagram in 2017 and had many brands contacting me to promote their health foods, fitness clothing and meal plans. Offering some dos and don'ts to approaching influencer's and what to offer meant added value for the workshop attendees."

Above: Photo of Kizzie Nicholson's weight loss documented on her personal Instagram account.

Kizzie Nicholson hosts a range of social media training workshops which can be found on the Social Fireworks website. To get in contact directly about bespoke training for your business, email

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