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7 in 2017 - Founder Speaks About Social Media at Multiple Events

As 2017 draws to a close, Social Fireworks founder, Kizzie Nicholson, looks back at the events she has spoken at and the businesses that have benefitted as a result.

The first event being in February, Kizzie Nicholson spoke at Women Work, attended by over 1,200 women in business. An event aimed at supporting business growth, Kizzie contributed with her presentation, 'Social Media For Business; Hot or Not', explaining the impact social media can have to your business whether you are a start-up or long-term established.

Being included in the event write-up in The Times of Tunbridge Wells, business owners were delighted at Kizzie's 'simple yet thought-provoking approach to the impact social media can have on business.'

"I've never had a client say to me they didn't benefit from being on social media."

From this event, Kizzie Nicholson was then invited to speak at a handful of other events during the year;

  • Business Over Breakfast - Tunbridge Wells (February)

  • Business Over Breakfast - Maidstone (March)

  • Evo Girls (Evolving Women in Business) - Pembury (July)

  • TWM In Business - Tunbridge Wells (August)

  • SM In Business - Sevenoaks (November)

  • The Women In Rural Enterprise Network - Matfield (October)

Sharing her wealth of marketing and advertising knowledge and experience, Kizzie now consults businesses on their digital marketing with social media as a significant part.

"Online and social media is where people are. This presents businesses with a huge opportunity."

Putting a UK based pet-food company onto Facebook and launching income-generating Facebook adverts during University in 2009, this led to a social media focused career in advertising. Starting in London at an advertising agency in 2010, Kizzie was responsible for community management on Facebook and Twitter for Maxfactor, No.7, Alfa Romeo and Waitrose. Her career grew from strength to strength and now as founder of Social Fireworks, helps businesses grow using social media.

Have an event coming up and you would like Kizzie Nicholson to speak on the topic of social media? Get in touch with Kizzie directly -

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