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7 Things NOT To Do On Social Media

There is no one secret to having the ‘perfect’ social media page.

Once you get used to posting on your social media platform(s) it can change again and again and again you’ll soon figure out what works for your page. To help you along, here is our list of things to avoid.

1. Don’t Keep Them Guessing

Don’t assume that a picture is self-explanatory. What may seem obvious to you might not come across to your followers, so it’s always best to add a caption explaining the image or promotion.

2. Don’t Go All Beautiful Mind

Try and keep ideas for posts simple. You might come up with ideas that are brilliant in principle but too elaborate for your followers to appreciate.

3. Don’t Forget It’s Your Show

Make sure you include links to your website and products/services. Make followers aware that you have other sources where they can get information about your business.

4. Don’t Put Your Audience to Sleep

It’s not all about facts. Yes, you want to inform but don’t forget that social media platforms are fun and playful. Use it as a way of showing off your brand’s personality.

5. Don’t Get on Your Soapbox

It may seem obvious but avoid topical themes that may cause friction between you and your followers. It will likely end in you being unfollowed.

6. Don’t Ignore Your Followers

Social media pages are great ways for you to build a community. If a follower leaves a message, make sure to engage with them or at least Like their comment.

7. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Be A Slave to Social Media

If you’re busy running a business, team or building a brand, it’s unlikely that you are going to have all day to take pictures and come up with clever captions, so don’t feel bad about recycling images and topics.

If you feel like you don’t have time for social media, don’t forget that there are people who would be happy to take on this task for you.

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