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Social Media - Good or Bad? Q & A With Business Owners

Social Media, Facebook specifically, has seen a lot of press coverage recently. Coverage includes the impact to business and individuals separately.

Social Fireworks interviewed a handful of business owners to get their thoughts on social media vs. social media for business. It was an insight to see how their opinions varied;

kizzie nicholson interviews business owners social media

1) Do you think Social Media is Good/ Bad/ Ugly

"Social media ranges from ugly to good depending on the intent to which it is used and the users - those that read, post and share." Claire Hall, Wealden Therapies

"I think it's mainly good. More people are connecting and there is so much opportunity. My main concern is it's effect on mental health. People saying things without thinking and not considering the emotional impact." Liz Almond, Insightful Minds

"Bad - bullying, doesn't seem to a community of talking it's all done via social media. People are always on their phones. It's almost as if it's their life - my daughter is 11 and is constantly on her phone. Her phone is her life." Alan Fields, RTW Lighting

"I've fallen out with social media at the moment! So I'm saying bad!" - Leanne B, Independent PR Consultant

2) Do you think Social Media for Business is Good/ Bad/ Ugly

"Used responsibly and appropriately social media can be exceptionally good for business purposes." Clare Hall, Wealden Therapies.

"Good definitely. It has been great for business. I've been able to share my thoughts, events and wisdom with a very large audience and quickly. So many opportunities have come up for me too as well as clients." Liz Almond, Insightful Minds

"Good - it's cheaper than advertising on TV or radio. Businesses can put products/ services out their quickly and where people are on their phones daily, they are seeing new offers daily." Alan Fields, RTW Lighting

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