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STOP - Why Are You Using Social Media For Your Business?

Have you stopped to ask yourself WHY your business is on social media?

Or even better, WHY social media may not be working for you?

I’ve been working with a number of businesses through Social Fireworks recently and I’m hearing answers to my first question as follows;

“We are on Facebook because we have to be?”

“We are on social media because everyone is on social media.”

These are not good enough reasons. Social media WILL work for your business, but not if that is your line of thinking.

(That is like getting the train to work because everyone is. Or buying a brand new iPhone because everyone is.)

It’s time to nut out your social media strategy.

There is definitely a change in the attitude toward social media – where is the love? (I still love you, social media! 😊 ) It seems rather then wanting to interact with customers, find their opinions or one of the many reasons social media can have a positive impact on business, the full list of benefits have been forgotten.

Inevitably, this lack of understanding (or implementation) from business owners as to their reason for being on social media creates comments like this;

“I’m not getting any traffic to my website from it.”

“I’m not getting any followers.”

“I’m not getting anyone talking back to me.”

“I just tweet out and that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

If we go back to marketing basics, social media IS a marketing channel. A two-way you’ll-potentially-get-replies-instantly channel, but it IS marketing!

So, ask yourself, WHY are you on social media? To increase brand awareness? Tell an audience about a special promotion? Drive traffic to your website?

Like with any marketing activity, there has to be an aim and objective. Without either, social media won’t work hard for you, and let’s face it; you won’t be interested in it.

  • You wouldn’t advertise in the newspaper without an aim.

  • You wouldn’t advertise on the radio without an aim.

  • You wouldn’t speak at a networking event without an aim.

So, WHY are you on social media?

The answers I’ve heard and listed above are not good enough. With this attitude toward social (and in the bigger scheme of things, your potential customers) of course it’s not going to work for you.

Re-ignite your love for your social media AND customers.

Injecting energy and passion into your social media strategy, approach and content is one of the unique skills I'm known for! You can meet me over on my Facebook page.

If you're exhausted of spending time posting, coming up with new ideas to engage, want to be sure of a great social strategy than get in touch with a social media specialist. I'm always happy to help - /

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