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Kizzie Nicholson Donates Social Media Training To Oxfam

On Friday 1st September 2017, the Oxfam shop on Mount Pleasant in Tunbridge Wells received a donation of a different kind. Social Fireworks founder, Kizzie Nicholson, got in contact via volunteer Charlotte Green to offer a donation of her time and knowledge in social media to help the shop. Kizzie offered the team of volunteer’s social media and marketing guidance through the hands on shop based training session to help bring Oxfam into the digital world.

Kizzie Nicholson, Social Fireworks founder, said: “Social media is all about people and is where people go to find businesses, interact and engage. I could see that Oxfam were trying to broadcast they needed volunteers on Twitter. I could see they could do with help, so got in touch to offer free training for the volunteers. I was delighted to help so they can help bring in volunteers and use social media in the right way.”

Oxfam are in need of volunteers to help them with stock management, till work, window dressing, online sales and much more. Volunteering can be an opportunity to improve retail skills, aid those who are looking for work, meet new friendly people in a relaxed environment all whilst working towards ending global poverty.

Sam Holden, Shop Manager, Oxfam Tunbridge Wells, said: “We are dependent on the generosity of people like Kizzie to give their time and support to Oxfam. We can no longer rely on foot fall and word of mouth to drive sales and volunteers to the shop. Social media is a new tool for us to spread the rewards of volunteering but also the work of Oxfam to the TunbridgeWells community.”

“What the volunteers and I have learnt today will be extremely helpful in carrying that message forward.”

Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable.

To get in touch with Oxfam, Tunbridge Wells and become a volunteer, pop in and speak to Sam Holden, Shop Manager – or call 01892 542 836. Alternatively, you can get in touch via their newly revamped social media channels – Twitter @oxfamshoptw, Instagram @oxfamshoptw or Facebook @oxfamgbtunbridgewells.

Social Fireworks is a specialist social media company, helping train businesses and business owners to use social media, from the basics to advance. To get in touch with Kizzie Nicholson

After the training session, the story was featured in newspaper, Times of Tunbridge Wells and picked up exposure locally. A further two training sessions were donated by Kizzie Nicholson to Oxfam and the nearby Oxfam bookstore.

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