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5 Tips For Creating Engaging Content On Instagram

If you're familiar with Instagram, you may have found yourself going down the rabbit hole of watching Instagram stories. Their format, coupled with their ease of use makes them a fun and interactive feature that has proved popular.

For businesses, they are a useful tool that can add another dimension to your Instagram and help you connect with your followers. A well thought out story can improve visibility and engagement. Here are our 5 top tips for creating captivating stories that your followers will love.

1 Plan Your Stories

If you're getting started with Instagram stories and you're not sure how to go about it, it's best to plan your stories out in advance. Decide what the narrative of your story will be and create a beginning, middle and an end. The layout of Instagram stories makes it easy to do this. Start with 3-4 tiles with each tile representing a different part of the story.

2 Use Stickers

Stickers encourage audience interaction and are a great way of brightening up static images. Animated stickers such as GIFs add movement and an element of fun. The Location, Hashtag and Tag stickers help make your page easier to find. Use Polls and Question stickers to engage with your followers. Creating simple polls and asking questions can provide insights about the type of content, products and services that your audience likes.

3 Reshare Stories

Don't be afraid to encourage your followers to tag you in their stories. Resharing stories that you've been tagged in is an easy way to help build trust in your page. Seeing other followers enjoying your products and services helps to create confidence in your business. Not only is this another way of boosting interaction with your audience, but it also raises awareness of your page to their followers.

4 Highlight Your Best Stories

The Instagram Stories Highlights is a feature on Instagram that lets you save your stories for longer than 24 hours. With the highlight function, you can categorise your favourite highlights and save them permanently so your followers can easily find and revisit your best content.

5 Post Videos on Your Stories

Because of the nature of videos, they are often more entertaining and more engaging than static photos. Videos help give the audience a better understanding of your brand and its personality. Moreover, videos also allow you to convey messages in a more relaxed and approachable way. There are several ways to include videos in your stories. You can record a video, upload boomerangs or share a story of your live stream with a link to encourage your followers to watch the full video.

Instagram stories is a fantastic tool that allows lots of experimentation. When creating your stories, feel free to experiment and have fun! If you would like further help with Instagram or other social media platforms, please contact Social Fireworks. We can help you create more meaningful interactions with your audience and help you grow your online community.

Click here to book a FREE complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation and tell us about your business challenges and marketing needs.

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