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How To Get Facebook Boosted Posts To Work

Are you asking yourself, “Why are my Facebook posts not working?

Are you selecting different options when Boosting, in the hope it works?

Are you really unsure how Boosted Posts work?

If you’ve answered, “YES!” in any of these, read on...

What Is A Boosted Post?

Well, according to Facebook, “boosted posts are ads that you create from posts on your Facebook Page. Boosting a post may help you get more people to react, share and comment on it. You may also reach new people who are likely to be interested in your Page or business, but don't currently follow you.

Does This Sound Like You?

Many new clients come to us with, “My Facebook boosted post isn’t working.

We reply, “What do you mean by that?

The general response, “I didn’t get any sign-ups/ new customers/ leads.

We reply, “Well, you’re not going to.

The shocked response, “Why does Facebook do that? Is it because it wants to make money out of me?

We reply, “You’ve got it in one. Facebook is a business out to make money too. Understand what you are doing otherwise.

Why Your Boosted Post Isn’t Working

When we go through how to boost posts in my training sessions, we start from the basics. If you read back to Facebook’s definition of what a boosted post is, it says “an ad you create from a post”. Well, there is your problem.

If the post itself wasn’t right, then no amount of money you put behind it can make it right.

All a boost is, is amplification of your message in a post. No more.

By being right, we mean correctly worded from a marketing perspective. After all, you are marketing your business and the customer will need certain words from you, in order to respond.

You’re not going to go to the new coffee shop in town, purely because you’ve seen a Facebook Boosted Post that says, “Yum coffee! #TastyTuesday”, are you?

It doesn’t matter how much money you put behind a boosted post if the marketing language is weak. I go through this in detail in my training sessions as a chartered marketer and social media specialist. Gosh, the lightbulb moments I see on faces when we go through this in detail!

There is a formula to get Boosted Posts done correctly and it is a combination of marketing language and Facebook technical knowledge.

There are a dozen reasons why your Facebook Boosted Posts may not be working. But, these dozen reasons are also the tick list you must have done right for them to work. I go through the list and examples of what and what not to do in real-time in all my training sessions.

The list includes the impact using an iPad & tablet may have, understanding and using hashtags, why likes/ shares/ comments fluctuate in Boosted Posts.

How Can I Make My Boosted Post Work?

There is so much to go through with Facebook Boosted Posts. Really, to make a start, have a look at your copy (does it make sense?) and imagery (does it reflect my product well?), then the technical element needs to be looked at - a boosted post should only be for 5 days, at a cost of at least £10 per day in a 10mile radius.

If you’d like to change your Boosted Posts, book a 1:1 session by getting in contact here or join one of our webinars. You can request a sign-up by emailing

In a 60minute session, we’ll go through your level of knowledge and understanding, tailoring the session to you. We’ll take our time to ensure you are happy, comfortable and confident and will go through a Boosted Post together.

The odd Boosting of £50 here and there will add up. We advise you to stop and

facebook boosted post training

Want to know what others say? Read testimonials received from customers who have had a one-to-one training session.

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