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5 Tips To Help Raise Awareness Of Your Business On Social Media

Social media is full of companies competing with each other to stand out. With 3.4 billion people actively using social media platforms globally, social media can be an effective way of helping raise brand awareness.

Social media platforms are full of individuals and brands all working hard to be noticed. So the question is, how do you increase your brand's awareness on social media?

We've compiled a list of 5 tips that can help your business stand out and compete against other companies.

1. Try and use visuals to make people stop

There is a plethora of creative content and beautiful images on social media. Businesses and content creators spend a lot of time ensuring that their content is worthy of stopping social media users in their tracks as they scroll through their feed.

Including visuals in your posts is an effective way to help your posts stand out. Visuals will not only catch people's eye but can also help demonstrate what the product or service is that you're offering. So next time you're about the hit "publish", make sure you've included an image to help your post shine.

2. Make Your Platform(s) Consistent

Ensuring that your style is consistent is an excellent way of helping promote awareness of your brand. Nothing is more confusing than a collection of random and unrelated images and texts. Simple tricks like ensuring that you use the same colour, or including your companies logo can help make your social media look more cohesive.

3. Stay Away From Politics and Religion

Your company's social media platform is not the time or the place to stir up emotions. If you wade into controversial topics, there is a good chance that followers could become irritated with the content and unfollow. It can also mean that any messages that promote your product and services could get lost. Therefore, it's best to keep your company's social media a neutral space where your company's personality can shine.

4. Keep Your Social Media A Positive Space

Your social media is a great place to promote your brand and the services and products that you sell. As much as you want to show that your offering is better than your competitors, no one likes to see nasty comments. Bringing down a competitor on social media to promote your own business is unlikely to go well, especially at a time when social media platforms are under pressure to stamp out cyberbullying. Instead, make sure to create content that highlights the benefits of your company and your products.

5. Publish Different Content On Different Platforms

It may mean double the work but ensuring that your posts are distinct will help ensure that your content does not become tired and your followers remain engaged. Different content will help your followers see that your company is a multifaceted business. If you're just too busy to spend time nurturing and building your social media, we can help.

Your social media platform(s) are a great place to show off and get creative.

These simple suggestions can help raise awareness of your brand and help demonstrate to social media users what your company has to offer.

If you'd like a bespoke training session or help with content creation, book a complimentary discovery call:

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