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Businesses See Benefit From Social Media Training

During the summer, founder of Social Fireworks, Kizzie Nicholson, ran three social media training sessions. The sessions were titled, 'How To Tweet For Business Growth' aimed at start-ups, small businesses and in-house marketeers who were struggling with Twitter. Several local businesses around the Tunbridge Wells area attended the sessions, hosted by Buss Murton LLP, which ran 5-7pm. Each learning about success and being given live examples of tweet writing for success, relevant to each business industry, by Kizzie Nicholson. Kizzie Nicholson shares, "The aim of these sessions is to show business owners how to tweet correctly for their business - there is a big different between social media for business and social media for personal use. Many business owners say they don't have the time for social media, but it's really a case of they don't understand what to do. That's why I'm delighted to help as I want to see them succeed." The collaboration with Buss Murton comes as the law firm are advocates of helping small businesses. Being employment law specialists, partner Andrew Linton shares how the collaboration came about, "I've know Kizzie a while now through meeting her at networking events. Her knowledge, clarity and delivery of message is so clear and enjoyable, she'll do wonders for local businesses and their social media." If you'd like to receive a training session with Kizzie, email:

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