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Thorley Taverns - Pub Chain 


Thorley Taverns is a family-owned hospitality business with 19 units in the South East. Pubs, bars, restaurants, celebration venues, hotels and gardens all contribute to the Thorley Tavern chain. There are events happening daily across all the venues. The business required strategy and support to get all the offers and events of the units out in a timely manner and to handle all questions and complaints. 


We pulled together details from unit managers and setup a process for them to provide us with information as this was the downfall. Events and offers weren't being distributed in time for them to be spread and seen on social media. We calculate how long it takes for a post to be seen and how far in advance we need to get messages out, to avoid complaints of "this is too late". 




The result was a commercial success as the following for Thorley Taverns increased by 1,000 in 3 months and all complaints were responded to within the hour. 


  1. Social Media Content Creation and Management



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