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Author Pw Stephens had written an independently published, fiction novel. Some reviewers had claimed it a “great” book. Yet he was getting no internet sales or traffic through his minimalist approach to social media. Not realising how important an internet footprint was to a modern-day, independent author, the client reached out to Social Fireworks.


We completely reprogramed his marketing strategy for the modern reader and reset his focus from selling a book to selling himself as an author and a brand. We increased his focus on Instagram, a platform well known for its influence within the writing community and trained Mr Stephens in scheduling his posts and general media activity.




The result was a commercial success as book sales rose in two months from below 500 to over 3,700.


Social media has had an almost instant transformation with followers across the 3 major platforms increasing from below 100 to in the region of 3,500.


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I am grateful to Kizzie and her marketing advise. Without Kizzie

and her team, I know this event would not have been

the success it was.

PW Stephens, Best-Selling Author


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