The In-Sync Diet 


Following the launch of her best selling book from Hollywood actress, Glynis Barber, the In-Sync Diet, the client now had launched an 8-week online diet programme based on the book. The course was new and needed a social media presence that it just didn’t have


Social Fireworks worked closely with the client to identify the online target audience, being such a client personal product, it was important that the key messages were easily heard and through that, we built a strong online identity. Social Fireworks wrote all the content and designed the imagery for a 3-month launch plan across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that worked tremendously well within the demographic we were trying to reach. 




The launch was an immediate success; it happened on time, on budget and on-brand. All the questions received across the social media channels were answered, being a new service and product this was vital. 


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