Picasso's Women Theatre Production 


The client, a family member from the Redgrave Dynasty, had the UK exclusive rights to the theatre production of Picasso’s Women. The play, had showings at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and London, with minimal bookings despite offline endorsements, with patrons such as Dame Judi Dench, Toyah Willcox and Professor Elizabeth Cowling.


Social Fireworks worked with the client to review all marketing activity to date. Social Fireworks obtained general public consensus about the play online. Once achieved, the wording and activity level to promote the event was changed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help increase ticket sales. 




The play was fully booked at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with out-standing reviews from the
newspaper, The Times, and went ahead with rave reviews in London, to the point it was re-booked to show in a
sell-out week in February 2020. 


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Thank you ever so much Kizzie! You've proved to be a real gem in marketing the event and been a solid support throughout.

Collette Redgrave, Actress, 'Redgrave Dynasty'


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